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Operates Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays excluding eve of and public holidays.

Operates Tuesdays and Thursdays excluding eve of and public holidays.

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Safety Safety

Gozo Channels' new buildings - the M.V. Ta' Pinu, M. V. Gaudos and M.V. Malita conform to the highest safety standards and regulations, including the recent SOLAS requirements (International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea). Crews are trained in all emergency procedures, and in the unlikely event of an emergency, the crew will immediately instigate the necessary safety routines.

At every departure, safety announcements are presented over the PA Systems. Aboard one will find more information at all relevant places. Brochures and boards give information about safety matters. One is also welcome to inquire for any further information from the Customer Service Officers, onboard or ashore.

At Gozo Channel, safety is our highest priority. We meet or exceed all industry standards, from vessel design and operation to crew training and emergency equipment. To further consolidate its commitment towards training of the crews and safety, the Company, in conjunction with the Maritime Institute, is continually organising a number of courses to ensure that all the members of its crew will be in possession of the appropriate STWC certification in Basic Sea Survival, Fire Fighting and First Aid. It is also organises Crowd Control courses for its Officers and crew, in order to ensure compliance with all STCW requirements.

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