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Operates Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays excluding eve of and public holidays.

Operates Tuesdays and Thursdays excluding eve of and public holidays.

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If you travel frequently between Malta and Gozo, the Daily Commuter Card is ideal for you.  Valid for three months, the pre paid Daily Commuter Card offers very advantegous rates. 

No of prepaid tarrifs Card cost Per trip Standard cost per trip Subsidised cost per trip
50 €5.82 €15.72 €8.15


The cost of the card is €291.17


Daily Commuter Form : English Version | Maltese Version 



As of 1st June 2004 Customers will be offered the choice of availing themselves of a Frequent Traveller Scheme when commuting between the islands. The Frequent traveller Scheme will be applicable to either the individual in conjunction with any standard car (under 5 metres), or to a standard car to be used with any driver (the latter option may be particularly suited to the needs of small businesses sending different sales reps to Gozo). The photograph of the driver or the registration number and make of the car will be shown on the pass as applicable.

This scheme is also applicable to foot passengers, in which case the photo of the card holder will also be printed on the card.

The application for this service will initially be through a manual form but eventually will be available on-line.

The procedure to purchase a frequent traveller card is as follows:

1. Applications forms are available from Gozo Channel Head Office at Mgarr, Gozo, and from Mgarr Terminal. In addition the application form may also be downloaded from the below link.

2. When the Frequent Travel scheme rights refer to a particular individual and not to the vehicle, a passport sized photo of the cardholder is to be enclosed together with the application form.

3. Completed forms, duly signed (including acceptance of terms and conditions), are to be sent to the company’s Head Office at Mgarr, Gozo together with the relative payment. Clients may call for further assistance on 22109000. The processing time of Frequent Travel scheme cards should not exceed two to three working days.

4. The card will be mailed or made available for collection by the client as instructed by the latter according to his preference.

The scheme will work as follows:

Foot Passenger Service
Scheme  Trips  Cost Euro Cost / trip (Euro)  Duration
1 52 107.15 2.06 1 year
2 40 102.49 2.56 1 year
3 30 93.17 3.1 1 year
4 20 69.88 3.49 6 months
5 15 55.9 3.72 6 months
6 12 46.59 3.88 3 months
7 8 32.61 4.07 3 months
8 5 20.96 4.19 6 weeks
Standard Vehicle + Driver Service
Scheme  Trips  Cost Euro Cost / trip (Euro)  Duration
9 52 423.95 8.15 1 year
10 40 370.37 9.27 1 year
11 30 314.47 10.48 1 year
12 20 256.23 12.81 6 months
13 15 195.67 13.04 6 months
14 12 167.71 13.97 3 months
15 8 116.47 14.55 3 months
16 5 75.70 15.14 6 weeks


Frequent Traveller Form: English Version | Maltese Version

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